Three years is a long time to go without a word, especially when you are a company that is all about words.

When I started Renaissance Writing, LLC in 2016, I was green behind the ears. I had the vision to make writing and editing services affordable and accessible for those who needed them. As I began to acquire clients, I realized that it wasn’t enough to be nice; I quickly learned that I had to be business savvy, assertive, and agile. Most of all, I had to be clear on what the company does. So allow me to reintroduce Renaissance Writing, LLC:

Renaissance Writing, LLC is Black-owned, woman-owned writing, editing, and content design company that specializes in:

  • Resume Creation and Editing
  • Historical and Fiction Article and Book Editing
  • Historical Research
  • Content Design for Historical and Professional Writing Materials
  • Presentations on Professional Writing and Resume Editing


  • A Publishing House
  • Free
  • An SEO Strategist

Renaissance Writing, LLC is still here to make writing affordable to clients who truly need our services. As part of the rebranding process, all interested clients must fill out a short questionnaire before an assignment is accepted. This will allow the client to list their needs and expectations in one place and the specialist to understand and prepare for the project, should they choose to take it.

More will come as the brand is reimagined; however, please feel free to reach out with any inquiries.

Happy Writing!

Alonna Carter-Donaldson