We’re back after a long hiatus. Well…I should say I’m back as Renaissance Writing, LLC has been here the whole time.

So, what have I been up to since I apparently haven’t been publishing blogs or podcasts (but there are two new ones out…so check them out)? Well, a lot! I have been doing a lot of work in the genealogy world as well as submitting some of my works to publishers. I’ve been on TV a couple times ( literally twice). I have also been working diligently on completing my first novel. Most importantly: I’ve been thinking about the direction that I have wanted my business to go.

I founded Renaissance Writing, LLC with the idea of offering writing and editing services at an extremely reasonable rate (oft times below the actual market value). While this has served some of my clients well, I have found that sometimes not even a lower than market rate was the way to attract and retain clients. I also found that working for the bare minimum wasn’t exactly serving me either, even if I was operating by a goodwill gesture.

With that in mind, you will soon see a more detailed price list in the coming weeks, with clearer descriptions of the services offered, and the expected time to complete each item. You will also see some new services. All of this is to continue to offer my current and potential clients the very best of what Renaissance Writing, LLC has to offer.

I hope you will stick around to see the great places we’re going and by all means…come with us!

Let Renaissance Writing, LLC truly turn your writing into a work of art!