In this day and age, entrepreneurship seems to be the name of the game.  People are finding more and more ways to make money on their own terms and on their own schedules (heck, I’m doing it, too).  With so many new businesses and ideas, it is important that one knows how to establish a digital presence so people take notice.

How does one do this? Well, thank the Lord for social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and others. Through these sites, a company or business can advertise regularly, customize their audience, and attract new customers –all in one place. There are also platforms for blogging like WordPress (which I am using) and Blogger through Google.  The benefit in blogging regularly, is that your potential customers can get more details about what you’re offering and establish a social relationship with you, which allows them to become more confident in your brand.

There is no secret formula to being successful at utilizing these tools;  just USE them. The more consistently you post, the more positive results you’ll see.  I like to try to keep my posts on schedule:  I post to Facebook every day or every other day, and I try to release a new blog post via my website once a week.  I literally schedule this time into my planner each week so I can reach my goal without being disturbed.

Also, if you get stumped on how to keep your posts relevant, just use a search engine to find topics to write about that relate to your products or services.  There are thousands of blogs and other resources on the net that are made specifically to inspire ideas.

Establishing a strong digital presence can definitely help your budding business blossom.  Are there resources that you use to promote your brand? I’d love to here about them