The title says it all: we now have a podcast!

I have always toyed around with the idea of doing a podcast to give followers of the website and Facebook pages, another option of obtaining tips. I even started doing weekly videos that I posted to the Facebook page where I shared tips and tricks every week. However, holding a cellphone camera can be awkward and I couldn’t figure out how to fix the still image at the beginning so I didn’t look creepy. Basically, I think my voice over some calming music suffices. Also, it might even help you relax while you’re writing.

My aim for the podcast is to provide tips (just like I do here) and talk about my experiences in the business. I am also hoping to interview some of my colleagues to get some different angles on the field as well.  The podcast will not take the place of this blog, but will serve as a compliment.

So, that is my update! You can find the Renaissance Writing, LLC podcast anywhere you like to listen or through the Anchor app where the link is:

I’d love to hear your feedback; please leave a message at the podsite or email me at

Happy writing!