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Document Editing

Document Revision, Editing & Proofreading – This service includes examining your entire document top to bottom, editing sentence structure, and revising to create a copy that flows smoothly and looks great! (Price determined after consultation)

Resume Touch Up

Take your resume from weak to wow! I will shorten lengthy wording while still keeping the essence of your experience. Is your Resume too lengthy? Let me make it a little more concise while keeping the essence of your experience. Do you feel like it needs more pizazz? I will revise and add wording that will make you stand out as a winning candidate. (Price determined after consultation)

Manuscript Editing

Manuscript Editing: Every book needs a second pair of eyes to review it before it can become a best seller. I will proofread, edit, and revise your manuscript before your book hits  the shelves. (Up to 100 pages: $0.95/page; +100 pages: $68/hour)


Do you lose your calm with commas? Think there, they’re, and their are the same? My proofreading services will correct any grammar faux pas! (Price determined after consultation)


To better serve you, this service is absolutely free. Via phone, email, or face to face meeting, we can talk about how I can assist you in your next project.

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