If you’re like me, and have a million and one things to do, sometimes it can be hard to stay motivated. We can all use a little something to keep us inspired. Hence, I give you a few resources I use for writing inspiration and to stay on top of the industry.


If you like podcasts, then then there are thousands you can following on writing and all things related. Two that I listen to are (you can find these on the Stitcher app or a podcast app of your choice):

Grammar Girl: Quick and Dirty Tips 

I’d Rather Be Writing


In addition to reading my own blog, I follow quite a few:

Freedom with Writing– A great resource that give tips on writing and where to find writing gigs. www.freedomwithwriting.com

Chatham University Professional Writing and Communication- Chatham is my Alma Mater and I am a proud graduate of the Professional Writing program.  This blog is another wonderful resource that not only provides written tips, but free webinars as well! Visit write.chatham.edu for more information.

Author Pages

It is nice to keep your ear to the ground about what your favorite authors are up to, or even authors you haven’t read yet. I say this because sometimes they offer writing workshops, webinars, and even free critique.  I am currently attending an online writing workshop with author L.A. Lewis and hope to attend one with author Margaret Johnson- Hodge next year.  Through attending these workshops, or even some in your local area, you will be amazed at the ideas that come forth for your next project.  Workshops are a great way to keep your mind engaged and focused on your work. A bonus: engaging with and getting support from people who are on a similar journey as you!

Of course, this is just a short list of some resources I use; there will be more along my journey.  You can always use a search engine to find more.  If you do, stop on by and tell me about them. I’d love to hear from you!

Happy Writing!