I often get asked why and how I became a writer.  Here is a glimpse into my journey.

To be completely honest, writing was not the first thing I was enamored with in life, yet it was something that I never could seem to stop doing.  I was heavily into the arts (music, dance, and drawing) as a kid and was a bit of a history nerd.   I would spend hours curled up in the corner of my grandmother’s house, reading each volume of her Encyclopedia Britannicas.  When I was done reading, I would grab a notebook, and start writing a fictional story that had to deal with some historical event.  My very first story, at the age of five was about discovering Cleopatra’s tomb on an archaeological dig.  Yes, I was five talking about Cleopatra and archaeology! I have no qualms about being a nerd at a young age :).

As I progressed through school, I was often call upon to edit other student’s papers and act as a tutor in Language Arts and English.  In high school, my 11th grade English teacher displayed a poem that I had written in Spanish which was my interpretation of Hemingway’s The Old Man and the Sea. I enjoyed writing that poem but my greatest accomplishment was a short story about a fictional Amazon warrior princess I created, named Amaya (this will be a full length book in 2019). By the time I got to undergrad, my Philosophy classes left little time for fiction writing and I began to delve in theses, argumentative papers, and essays.  The chair of my department suggested I write for the university newspaper, The Purple Menace, but I was too fixated on a law career to take it seriously.

After numerous attempts to get into law school and into graduate school for history, the rejection letters made it clear that those were not my destinations in life. Furthermore, I noticed that on the GRE and LSAT, I tended to score much, much, higher in the verbal and writing sections than in the analytical and math sections.  I began to rack my brain about what else I would like to do, and stumbled upon Chatham University’s Master of Professional Writing program.  My initial idea was that I would attend to hone skills in technical writing, which employment is plentiful.  So, on a prayer, I applied and was accepted. Once enrolled, I found that technical writing, while interesting was not my niche, but feature and business writing were my playground.

Upon graduation, jobs were non-existent and moving to another state where the were many writing jobs was nearly impossible with little experience. So, I decided that I would try my hand at freelance writing to help educate and assist others who have little or no writing skills.  Teaching has always been one of the things I have loved to do; there is no greater joy than imparting enlightenment to someone who is in need of it. In providing services, I have met and connected with many dynamic writers and authors, clients just embarking on a project, and have been able to apply my skills to write and edit some fantastic things. I am also proud to say that I will be an adjunct writing professor at a local college in the Spring of 2018.  Writing has opened up so many opportunities that I would have never imagined. Yet, I always think to myself how I never knew that this would be my path, but God did…and I am so very glad about that.

In closing,  I am so very pleased to assist anyone in need of great writing and editing services at affordable prices and I appreciate all who read my blog, share, and purchase my services.  If you haven’t worked with me yet, I invite you to contact me to see what Renaissance Writing, LLC can do for you!