Following your passion, comes with being versatile and taking strides in different directions. If you follow my website or blog, you’ll notice that I have been absent for a while.

I was knee deep in an article about black girls and physical health.  It was a project that I was passionate about which was published by a local media outlet called Public Source.  Being that it was an investigative article, it required most of my time. I was hunting down leads, writing draft after draft, and no kidding….it was hard!  I have to say that this particular article was the most difficult things I ever written because I had to step out the box You can view it here:

I can remember as I wrote it, saying “I’ll probably never do something like this again!”  I was tired and stressed. I was trying to balance a full time and a part time job, running my business and trying to meet a deadline.  Furthermore, I had never done anything quite like this…this major article that I might earn press cred for, beyond grad school.  I began to doubt myself. What was I even doing?

What I was doing (though it didn’t seem that way at the time!) was following my passion. I was writing, the thing I love to do and…I was writing about something else I am also passionate about: Black Women’s Health.  Yes, it was challenging…even intimidating, but sometimes that’s just part of the job. And it paid off because I got rave reviews and it has inspired some people to fill the void when it comes to young Black girls’ physical health.

When you are passionate about something, you don’t treat it lightly.  You pour in blood, sweat, tears, and sometimes wine and beers! You go for it with everything you’ve got because you recognize that most things of passion involve beauty and near perfection.

So whatever you are passionate about, don’t be afraid to dive in! You never know what good might come from you just doing what you love!

Write on!