In any execution of a writing project, it is important to learn the art of the draft.

Some people have a skewed idea of what it takes to get a project done. Very seldom is it a “one and done” situation when it comes to creating the perfect piece (what really is perfect any way?).  By accepting that draft writing is both necessary and simply helpful, one can accomplish their best work.

I will often go through about three different drafts or rounds of edits on any project, if not more.  I use those attempts to gather my best ideas, but I don’t start writing immediately.  Before I set pen on paper for the first draft, I brainstorm, I make word associations, and I connect all the ideas together. From there, I do an outline and once that is complete, I am ready to start writing. I find that following this process makes my writing flow more smoothly once I actually dig in.

Completing the first draft is always a tremendous weight off my shoulders.  I can finally see the big picture and realize that the real work is just beginning.  After completing, I review it to make sure my ideas are being represented the exact way that I intended and do rearranging of my thoughts as needed, which is essentially the second draft.  After the second draft, I check my grammar and spelling and again make sure the points of the  piece are intact.  The third draft or edit usually comes after I have a trusted friend review.

I know…that’s a lot! Yet, I feel writing deserves to be on the list of things that we take seriously.  What you put out there, whether it being writing or otherwise, is a reflection of how you want the world to see you.  Wouldn’t you want to present the best version of yourself?


Happy Writing!