Happy 2017, all!

I hope that all of my readers, browsers, and fellow writers, had a wonderful holiday season. I very much enjoyed mine and am very excited to see what wonderful things this new year brings!

Over my holiday, I was very happy to enjoy some time with friends that I haven’t seen in quite a while and I attended a New Year’s Eve party (which I never do), that was hosted by a friend who is Physical Therapist.  Not to toot her horn, but she’s damn good at what she does, and she is one of the smartest people I know. She is also one of the most organized people I have ever met and seamlessly achieves everything she sets out to do.  I often marvel at this friend, because for where she finds order in chaos, I find chaos in order!

I think my friend’s abundant success, from becoming a Doctor of Physical to marrying the man of her dreams, and to being on the verge of creating her own business, comes from her steadfast determination.  She quite literally has a plan and method to obtain the objective of said plan, for most everything she’s sought out. What’s more is she is patient; patient with herself, patient with each process, and she is focused.  The longer you hang around her, these traits start to rub off and make you question your potential in a truly good and awesome way.

I know at least for me, it has.  We were sitting ’round her kitchen table discussing New Year’s resolutions and most of the women, including myself, were in agreement that we don’t make them because we never follow through.  That’s when my friend, gave me a look that sort of reprogrammed my brain, and said “You really should.”

Up until that point, I hadn’t really thought about why or even if I should try to make an attempt to be resolute. However, after that point, I began to question my motives for not trying. True, I usually don’t follow through…but why don’t I? What chemical do I lack in my brain that makes me less determined and so easily swayed to give up on a goal? Every year, I set the same few goals: Get to a healthy weight, get a passport, get out of debt. Every year, I go hard on exercise and cheeseburgers, look at travel programs and sigh, and continue to use my credit cards for nonemergency purposes.  Why can’t I just accomplish those goals, which on the grand scale of things, are actually pretty small?

After going home that night, falling asleep, and hearing her voice in my dreams(!), I found that the answer lay in how bad I wanted these things and also that I had no plan to reach them. I awoke in the middle of the night, grabbed my journal, and came up with a total of eleven resolutions and plans on how to get there.  I dare not bore you with all eleven, however those three that I mentioned were definitely top tier. The beautiful thing is while I did this, you can do this too! See my example below:

Alonna’s Resolutions (And Plans!) For 2017

1. Achieve a Healthy Weight

How many lbs. do you want to lose?: 20

By When?: First 10 by February 1st, next 10 by March 1st

How?: By cooking food at home instead of dining out, packing a lunch filled with mostly fruits and vegetables and only 3 oz. of meat, and passing on sugary drinks and treats. I will also exercise for at least 30 minutes each day for 5 days.

As you can see, I followed a sequence of what the goal was, when I wanted to attain it, and how I was going to do it. That’s it! And, so far so good. With this format, I am able to be specific and focused on what I am trying to do.

I encourage you to try this yourself. Start with one small goal and then break it down into little segments of what, how, and when. After you narrow it down, take your goal and post it somewhere you will always see it like a planner, a calendar, on your nightstand, or in your car.  I guarantee you will find yourself being more diligent.

What are your New Year’s resolutions? Leave me a message in the comments. I’d love to hear from you!