How do you begin writing? Do you just sit down and get to it or does it take you a while?

Writing, as we know, is a process. Whether you jot all your ideas in a notebook or begin writing lines on your laptop, your mind must go through a process to develop your ideas. Sometimes, we can experience “writer’s block,” which can cause our ideas to seemingly cease from flowing. If you allow it, it can paralyze you for hours, day, weeks, or even months.  I’ve experienced this myself, but I found that the best way to get about your writing, is to ready your mind for the task.

So, how does one “ready the mind”? It’s easy to say: brainstorm, make an outline, record your thoughts.  However, these are simply just processes to follow to stay on task and sharpen your focus while actually writing.  In order to clear the dreaded “writer’s block”, you simply need to clear your mind.  Here are some tips that help me:

  1. Taking a walk and absorbing nature. The fresh air awakens the mind to possibilities.
  2. Listening to music.  This is helpful to set the tone of your writing and ease your mind. My choice is baroque music.
  3. Meditate. Sometimes being alone with your thoughts is a great way to generate new thoughts.
  4. Take a bath. The act of cleansing can works wonders for the physical and mental.  As you bathe, imagine you are cleansing and removing the blocks that are causing you to pause in your process.

These are just a few ideas and you might have something different that helps you.  If so, please feel free to share it here! I’d love to hear more tips!

Turn Your Writing Into A Work of Art.