Practice makes perfect.

We’ve heard that phrase from the time we were children. It was imparted to is by our parents and schoolteachers, printed in our textbooks and on worksheets, and followed us to adulthood.  Whether or not you liked it as a kid, you later realized that there was truth in the statement–that no skill could be perfect unless you repeatedly performed it.  The same truth holds for writing!

As a freelance writer, I constantly have different types of projects floating around. One day, I may be editing a resume; another day I am creating a brochure.  I constantly have to switch hats depending on what I’m doing and it is not always easy.  A client may ask for a specific editing process, or ask me to utilize a style guide I’ve never used to make corrections. When this happens, I don’t throw in the towel. I simply read up on what I am supposed to do and then execute it.  I do this over and over, until I am sure of what is expected. The key is to throw yourself into the project and keep at it until you understand.

Whenever you approach any task or are seeking to improve something you already know, the best way is to practice it. Repetition sharpens skills and focus. In time, even the hardest of tasks will become second nature.  So don’t be afraid! Just go for it!

Practice turning your work into a masterpiece.