I recently attended a manuscript workshop that was hosted by a friend.  She had recently written a book (I edited it) and wanted to help others get started on their passion project. Of the many questions that I was asked as an editor, one stood out: which guides do I use when I’m writing and editing? I’ve decided to compile a small list of guides to love. Use them frequently, and they’ll be your best friends.

1) Strunk and White- The Elements of Style

2) The Chicago Manual of Style

3) The Harbrace Handbook

4) The Associated Press Stylebook

I’ve used each of these guides in some capacity. Whether you’re writing an article, novel, or blogpost, these guides will assist you in remembering capitalization rules, grammar, punctuation, and more. They are a necessary tool in the arsenal of any writer or editor who takes their craft seriously. The best part: you can find them all super cheap on Amazon!

Do you use guides when you write? Let me know what some of your favorites are!