So, your boss has asked you to put together a Power Point presentation and a speech for a project you’ve been working on.

You begin to panic. The last time you even looked at a Power Point was in college, and even then you were half-asleep. Also, you hate speaking in front of people!  This presentation is due tomorrow…what are you going to do?

Well, first, you’re going to relax.  After you take a couple of deep cleansing breaths, you’re going to get out your pen and paper, and then you’re going to brainstorm about your speech for ten minutes.  Your brainstorming is your free-for-all moment; a chance to jot down whatever comes to mind.  Your thoughts don’t need to be organized…just write. When you finish brainstorming, you’ll take a look at all the things you’ve written down. Notice any associations? Start taking the words and thoughts that go together, and begin forming complete sentences. Be kind to a tree and use the back of your paper.

When you’ve finished making your associations, go ahead and get another piece of paper and get ready to make your outline. You will need to label your sections:

  1. Introduction
  2. Body
  3. Conclusion

In labeling you outline, feel free to add subsections to the body. You can use a, b, or c, etc or use numbers. The subsections can be used to introduce transition in your topics. From this point, you will simply fill in each section with the main idea for each and then supporting points. For instance:

Introduction: Blogging Regularly Attracts More Clients.

a) Blogging has revolutionized the way people network.

b) It works by utilizing online prescence to connect to others.

Once you have done this and gathered all of your information, then you can begin to make your Power Point.

But, wait! Before you do that, you’ll want to view my presentation. Go ahead and click on the link and tell me if this helped you!Make Your Presentation Presentable