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And We’re Back!

We’re back after a long hiatus. Well…I should say I’m back as Renaissance Writing, LLC has been here the whole time. So, what have I been up to since I apparently haven’t been publishing blogs or podcasts (but there are two new ones out…so check them out)? Well, a lot! I have been doing a […]

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Guides to Love: A Short List

I recently attended a manuscript workshop that was hosted by a friend.  She had recently written a book (I edited it) and wanted to help others get started on their passion project. Of the many questions that I was asked as an editor, one stood out: which guides do I use when I’m writing and […]

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When Creativity Strikes

I had the privelege of attending a manuscript workshop today, which was hosted by a friend.  It was a wonderful experience; I got to meet many women who were beginning their very first book- writing journey and each of them had a different story to tell.

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How I Became a Writer

I often get asked why and how I became a writer.  Here is a glimpse into my journey. To be completely honest, writing was not the first thing I was enamored with in life, yet it was something that I never could seem to stop doing.  I was heavily into the arts (music, dance, and […]

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